Friday, 28 March 2008

On Becoming an Escort

Lily has already briefly mentioned her ideas about marketing and some thoughts on business cards, but even before responses were received, she had realised that they are not in any way a good idea ... lets put it down to first week jitters!

But now that the website is up and running (albeit without photos yet, but we will simply gloss over that issue for the moment) she has started to consider the commercial components or her chosen path more carefully.

As she's sure her readers have noticed by now, marketing is not an area in which Lily has much experience ... when writing articles for newspapers or submitting poetry for publication, there is not much action that needs to be taken in order to promote yourself ~ you let your creative talents do the work for you.

Advertising in the industry seems to pose quite a challenge for those who don't wish to compete with the 34DD breasts which are filling up the space in the ad slot next to yours. Not that Lily is implying that there is anything wrong with this if that is what you are looking for, it is just that there appear to be plenty of sites for escorts to advertise on, but very few for high-end courtesans who provide that little bit extra, which is what Liy would like to offer. She has come across a couple of 'Elite Escort' sites, but these pose another problem ~ Lily is, quite clearly, not an established escort and so has no references to provide them with. Bunnies of London has a separate application process for high end escorts and are the only people Lily has found who wish to meet you instead of relying on references, but they seem to be an agency and Lily is not wholly convinced yet that she wants to go down this route. But she applied anyway and is open to meeting them, so please let me know, anyone, if you have any experience or knowledge of them.

Presumably, but do correct me if I am mistaken, word of mouth plays a very important role in an escort's career. The big question though is how does one stimulate this? It is in effect a mini catch 22 ~ without recommendations, clients do not get in contact. But without clients, there is no-one to make a recommendation.

It also doesn't help that Lily has no professional photos to provide and promote herself with; perhaps she will just have to be patient and accept that she cannot really begin her career until she has them, as Lily is quite aware of how important they are. On the other hand, most high class escorts that Lily has noticed show few, if any pictures on their sites, so maybe she is not at a disadvantage in this manner?

For the moment, Lily has a simple ad on punternet with links to her website, and a listing on Captain69. She has also introduced herself on the punterlink forum and intends on engaging in the site, although without getting involved in the heated 'discussions' that seem to abound there!

And then there is the issue of 'donations'; whilst Lily doesn't want to scare people off with unreasonably high rates, she does want to filter out those who just want a quick screw, to put it crudely. Lily considers that she is not your common escort, not only because of her experience in many different and often unusual ways of giving incredible pleasure, but also because she is fluent in a few different languages, has a degree in French Literature and is a concert pianist. Along with the fact that she has spent the entirety of her short life travelling the world, thanks to her parents' diplomatic professions and her own intrepidation, and you have a pretty little parcel capable of wit, charm and an experience that will always be exciting and distinctive. It should also be mentioned that due to Lily's adventurous nature, she would always endeavour to indulge most requests and suggestions. These reasons, as I hope readers would agree, justify higher rates for Lily's time, although she is still reluctant to put her pricing at a premium for fear that she might never receive any interest, and she does wonder if perhaps starting a little lower and working her way up works in this business as it does in others?

It is probably true that Lily will just have to bite the bullet, stop dallying and commit, and she does indeed know this.

Alora, another day another issue ... rest assured that Lily will be writing something a little more interesting later, when she leaves her last day at the office desk. Yay! x

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