Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Step Back, Step Forward

Lily's poor graphic designer friend has gone and contracted glandular fever, so will not be able to work on her website for quite a while.

Whilst Lily is of course concerned for his health, sweet soul that he is, this poses the dilemma that she is without any page for longer than she would like. Today she hurriedly span through the labyrinthine pathways of the internet ... and stumbled accross a little gem ... an entirely free webspage hosting site, exclusively tailored to escorts. Can this be true? she wondered to herself as she registered slightly apprehensively, only to be prompted to choose her very own, personal domain name. She couldn't believe her luck and decided on the one which seemed to suit her best ~

After hours of entering content and playing with the templates and options, the result is a temporary website which, I am sure you will all agree, is much more appealing than the generic myspace page that Lily had to start out with!

She even gets her own banner to link to:

Lily Valentina

The next event to look forward to is the photo shoot, but this is not for another week or so, meaning impatient Lily is going to have to cope without those ever important photos for a little longer.

Lily does have a couple of amateur photos she took herself a little while back and she is tempted to put these up on her site until she has her professional ones because she knows that potential clients like to have an idea of appearances before they make contact. But Lily is worried that these pictures might lower her tone as they are not exactly professional! But as she is somewhat of a perfectionist at times, she isn't sure if other people think that it actually matters?!

As you can imagine, Lily is all very excited about this and would appreciate her readers' impressions and feedback if they care to do so, as since meeting a few of you on here, she values your opinions very much!

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