Friday, 28 March 2008

To Blog, Or Not To Blog?

It was mentioned to Lily in an email regarding her recent post about the new website (shameless plugging, accepted!), that it should contain a link to this blog.

Lily had in fact thought about this when she set it up, but something stayed her little hand. Upon receipt of a recent email though, as it was from someone whose opinion Lily respects very much, she wrote a comment in the updates section of her site mentioning this blog, with a link attatched.

Since doing so, Lily has again had her doubts ... what if potential clients are put off by the fact that Lily airs her escorting experiences and views on sex for anyone to read?! She is, after all, only starting out and the possibility of having no clients is one that would of course have a deblitating effect on her career as an escort! Even without mentioning her clients, incidents that Lily describes in her blog may be recognised by them or, even worse, their friends/family, although considering how many people her blog reaches, this perhaps is unlikely to be an issue. But in any case, having your exploits with an escort printed and publicized could be rather disquieting, no?

But then again, Lily knows that some people are reading this, one potential client inquiring about availability even remarked that he liked the blog and what an intruiging journey he thinks Lily is on and not only that, but that he will follow it with interest. She would like to believe that others will share the same opinion.

Without a single doubt Lily is not alone in her blogging as an escort, but she am perhaps one of the few who is new to this? The only other person Lily knows of is Juliette, but as yet we are not told whether she will continue her writing when she starts to work ...

Lily had hoped that as her journey unfolds, it would make for pleasurable reading. She is also entirely confident in her ability for the utmost discretion, in her work and whilst keeping the readers entertained with any intruiging tales and salacious escapades that may occur, thus maintaining the integrity of her blog and of her clients. Lily also likes to indulge herself and think that perhaps anyone who has decided, for whatever reason, that they can't book Lily for a little liaison, might like to enjoy her erotic skills through her blogospheric presence!

It has even been suggested by some that Lily's little corner of the web-surfing world could be useful in self-marketing. But due to her apparent lack of marketing skills (something that really should be addressed!), Lily is not sure how she would implement this.

The other question then is whether, if she continues the blog, should Lily mention it to clients? This would allow them the chance to decry or embrace the idea of being a part of her story. Lily doesn't ever intend to include names, details, even the locations of her trysts, she simply enjoys writing about her experiences.

It would sadden Lily enormously to have to relinquish this blog because all she wants it to be, in essence, is a collection of musings on life, sexuality and their related pleasures. I suppose, as the old saying goes, that only time will tell ... x

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