Sunday, 23 March 2008

Why Oh Why?

Lily didn't realise it would happen so soon, but she has been expecting it ...

That someone, at some point, would take it upon themselves to make life unpleasant for her in some way, believing that the fact Lily takes money for sex allows them to try to manipulate her as they like, because they see her as a worthless, money-hungry whore.

First it was an email from a guy who said he liked Lily's ad, could he make an appointment? But after a little while, he had decided her rates were too expensive. Fine - Lily is not for everybody. Polite end of conversation.

Later he writes again to demand she sends a picture of her face and phone number. Lily ignores it.

What ensues is a barrage of messages asking why she would expect anyone to pay her rates without ever having met them or seen them properly first when there are thousands of other girls he can shag for same money and what is so special about Lily?! That Lily is a bad businesswoman not to engage with him as she would have to look like these girls (cue links to various escorts' profiles) to command such money, claiming he knows everyone who has contacted her and that he will do what he can to make it very difficult - that he doesn't like her and he needs to protect the GENUINE girls out there as he is responsible for many of the clients here, etc, etc ...

According to him, Lily has picked a bad person to annoy,
"you frigid piece of crap"

How lovely.

Why is it that some people feel this need to make life unpleasant for others they don't even know? What is their purpose and can they honestly not have anything more worthwhile to do with themselves? It all just seems so pointless.

At first Lily was upset, then angry, but now she is just resigned to the fact that she may be being badmouthed on boards she doesn't know about, before she has even started working properly!

How our decisions are tested sometimes ...

Lily x


  1. It's hard to comment, not knowing the extent of your experience, and it's difficult to comment, as I haven't worked in the industry, but I have known some women here in Australia who have, and many find it precarious, often finding that they do require security, which would hike up the rate, because there are predator arseholes out there unfortunately, and a girl needs to have a personal male security guard on some occasions.

    There is also (from what you describe) competition, and it can be territorial, in the sense that there are predators who seek a financial opportunity. He, to me, sounds like a guy who is looking to earn money from girls, and is providing subtle threats, that he has the power to threaten your earning capacity 'unless'.

    The Internet can be precarious, and sometimes I think that established agencies or adult businesses screen clients. I do think there are ways to deal with this type of scenario, and avoid insecure males like him. I am not sure what the industry is like where you are situated, however, in large cities, there are usually agencies and bordellos (I don't really like using that word, but it's better sounding than 'brothel') that look after their staff, in terms of introducing them to the right clients, and over time, client contacts increase. Here in Sydney, for example, we have a club named 'Stiletto' and it is a nice establishment, and provides good clientele for women.

  2. I'm sorry about this so early in your adventure. Hopefully he will get bored soon and leave you alone. Good luck in your first appointment!

  3. Anastasia - Thank you for your kind advice, his emails have actually become more sporadic so (fingers crossed) perhaps he has bored himself of my ignoring him.

    I haven't actually heard of anyone here in London employing bodyguards, but someone may correct me on that! Considering my unfamiliarity with the industry, I have considered working in a parlour for a little while to understand more how everything works and make contacts in London ... I know it is how some girls start out and although it is not particularly condusive to the direction I would like to follow, or to the type of relationships I would like to develop with my clients in the long-run, I have been thinking that it may be worth pursuing short-term?

    Gilette - I greatly appreciate your well-wishes and I too believe he will tire soon, as his troubles have received no response from me! In a way it is actually a good way for things to begin as I will know from the outset how to deal with this kind of problem.

    Lily x

  4. I am sorry you were upset by it. It wasn't nice but I am sure you will come up against lots more like this and worse.

    I certainly wouldn't recommend working in a parlour unless you want to work very hard and be ripped off financially. However if you can cope with that you should be able to as an independent escort! The advantage can be that all the marketing and security is looked after by someone else.

    Some agencies can also provide an amount of protection - but some of them will also rip you off. Get advice before you think of using them.

    B xx