Friday, 9 May 2008

Art Personified

I have been so busy this whole month and I’m having trouble getting out the posts that I want to. But today I was watching
Miami Ink and it reminded me how much I have been wanting a tattoo for the last couple of years ~ I wanted to share that with you.

I have always wanted something that was an expression of myself, but I wouldn't want anything that could get in the way of my life or stop me reaching goals because of how people might judge me. Nothing is going to stop me doing something I want to do though, and myself, I wouldn't want anything that is intrusive on my body, just a piece of art that is personal to me.

I never used to be that into tattoos, I'm not terribly keen on full sleeve works or whole body pieces, but then again, I have seen 2 or 3 that took my breath away by their beauty ~ I do like works of art, and often that is what tattoos are ... when I started seeing tattoos that looked like that, I realised that they don't have to be brash, agressive marks and that for many people, they actually mean someting and can be truly beautiful - that is the type of art I would like on my skin; something meaningful to me ~ an outward mark of my inward self.

I was always aware that tattooists are very good artists, but watching Miami Ink has really impressed upon me the fact that they truly are graphic artists, fine artists, graffiti artists, modern artists, everything spun into one personable ball of talent, skill and artistic ability.

I have pretty much decided which tattoos I would like and where, which has been part of why it has taken me so long to decide to have a tattoo - I am so indecisive and I have so many ideas for tattoos and where each of them could go that I couldn't settle on which would be right for me, after all ... it is going to be there for ever! Now I know that I would like a little musical phrase/notes just below my left ankle, a hebrew word across the nape of my neck that symbolises my true self and my beliefs, and a similar, smaller version of the photo at the top of this post on my right foot.

I have to admit, I am slightly afraid of the pain and I'm guessing that, closer to the time, I will be very nervous as really, there is a needle going into your skin, repeatedly , at high speed - can that ever be pleasant?! We will just have to see!

It may take a little while to get all 3 done, as I will get them done at different times, after each has healed. But I will be sure to show you the pictures of them once they are complete (if you would like).

Lily x

PS: What do my readers think about tattoos? Do you find them intrusive on a lovely body, or distasteful? Or do you like that they are an expression of that person's self and of their personality? Do any of you have one (or more!)? and if so, does it symbolise anything for you? Or for those of you who don't have any art on your body, what would you have if you would get one?

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