Friday, 30 May 2008

The First Night

I finally have a day where I have no errands, no up-coming recitals to practise for, no work, no hassle, no nothing ... I am going to put my feet up, watch movies and catch up on blogging and eat ice-cream.

So this post is going back to the beginning to start with my very first client, an entire month ago ...

I had written a post here about my first booking which unfortunately didn't come to fruition, and after a while of reading silence from my inbox, I was feeling slightly apprehensive that maybe I was going about doing something the wrong way, or perhaps the blogging wasn't acceptable to those who knew about it, or any number of things.

But later, in the first week or so of april, I had an enquiry by a gentleman from France, who was coming to London on business. We spoke by email and on the phone and got on so well that by the time I met with him, it was as though I was meeting up for dinner with an old friend! I was very surprised that my first rendezvous would be so much more easy to approach then I had imagined - the fates must have been smiling down upon me to have brought me such a lovely, easy-going gentleman as my first client, with whom I could have animated, intelligent conversation over drinks with and take a stroll around looking at the beautiful London architecture, without a single awkward silence or uncomfortable feeling, right throughout the night.

We spent a really enjoyable weekend and, now that the post-encounter glow has passed, I am content that my choice to enter this world has been a good one. Perhaps I was lucky to find such a client, especially to begin with, or maybe it is only validation that my selection/screening process works well. Whichever it is, I am pleased and look forwad to seeing him again!

Despite what had been suggested to me by some, I don't feel used, ashamed, degraded, or guilty for my actions, I simply feel assured and aglow. The pleasure of the rendezvous was entirely mutual and, as I don't wish to air the dirty details, suffice it to say that we are still in touch and he has already re-booked!

Lily x

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