Friday, 28 March 2008


I was going to make a post on some ponderings I've had recently about the Devadasi, and I still intend to write it, although probably tomorrow morning now, because I have just sat down to watch 'Desperate Housewives' and suck on some deliciously creamy caramel that I boiled up because ...

... my date for saturday has just postponed.

I am disappointed, but by the sounds of it, so is he. Such is life. He has been called upon to entertain business colleagues who are down in London for a few days, and whilst I cheekily reminded him that I can look just as delightful in an evening dress as out of one, he doesn't think he will be able to behave himself and act professionally with a beautiful girl there to distract him and his little friend!

So now I start afresh. Again. And as must be evident from my previous posts, I am not yet clear on how to go about enticing my first clients, as a result of my aforementioned 'Catch 22'esque situation.

I'm afraid today's posts haven't been very exciting, maybe to the point of boring, in which case I apologise ~ as I'm sure you can tell, there has been a lot on my mind.

But my readers' patience is about to be duly rewarded, and I will leave them with a choice of which lascivious gift they would most take pleasure in reading this weekend ~ Would Lily's readers like to hear about:

1) Her little run in with the priest at her Catholic boarding school (yes, I'm afraid it is indeed true, although as you may find out ~ she didn't last there for long!)

... or would they prefer

2) The tale of Lily's naughty escapades at a secluded chateau in France, where she discovered the true value of foreign tongues?!

The decision is in your hands! x


  1. I'm thinking one tomorrow, then the other the next day. I prefer having it all, thank you very much.

  2. oooh gillette, don't fret, you will be regaled with plenty of my salacious encounters!

    But which would you like to hear of first?

    Lily x