Saturday, 22 March 2008

Sweet Sigh

I feel every piece of music I hear, every note I play, every beat that pulses through the air, I feel every layer. A piece of music can make me laugh out with pure, anadulterated joy or bring tears to my eyes at the pain it invokes ... music is my everything.

Whilst playing Chopin's 'Sospiro' this morning, I suddenly realised how it is the musical incarnation of an orgasm. Not those sudden explosions of passion, but the ones that creep up on you in slow intense waves, radiating softly out from your core until they reach your toes, causing them to curl and flex and you feel that the pleasure is too much for you to bear, that all you are is writhing at the mercy of this pulsating nub at the centre of your body ... when it realeases you it is not once, but in convulsion after sweet shuddering convulsion, over and over, every nerve ending burning, on fire, ripple after ripple of molten heat, engulfing your body in it's relentless embrace until it finally allows your skin to cool down, gradually relaxing in a satisfied pool of sodden, breathless relief.

I wanted to share with you, how I felt as my fingers stroked each inspired note of Chopin's aptly named 'Sigh'.

Lily x

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