Tuesday, 18 March 2008

What To Do ... ?

As Lily stood in the shower this morning, letting the scalding water stream over her neck and shoulders to run in swift rivulets around breasts and nipples, down to a little bellybutton where it swirled gracefully before flowing away under her feet, she contemplated her business plan ...

... and wasn't at all surprised to realise that she doesn't have one. Because that has always been her way - doing before thinking. Lily has a high regard for the primacy and validity of human passions and its role on man’s life and I suppose this reflects itself in her highly impulsive nature.

So the website is in the capable hands of her graphic designer friend who is "constructing" it out of complex formulae and a language of codes which Lily has no hope of ever understanding, a photo-shoot session has been booked for after Easter with an acquaintance at London School of Fashion whose graduation project is, fortuitously, on tasteful artistic nudes, and rates have been decided upon, after much perusal of discussions on this matter. Can there be anything missing?

Ah yes. The small matter of marketing.

Lily would never be silly enough to think that as soon as she began her venture, men from all corners of the globe would be dashing to their phones to call and arrange appointments. No, unfortunately the world doesn't quite work like that.

So Lily thought about business cards - they would be easy enough to produce and leave 'lying about' in appropriate opportune environments. The venue to leave them in would have to be carefully considered to attract the necessary type of clientele. But would they actually be seen by anybody? And if so, could they inspire an initial interest in some of those people who they are noticed by? On top of this, for those men who are seeking a courtesan in addition to their wife and/or family it is not really so discreet to have the escort's card in your wallet. But then again, if designed correctly, it could be just any other business card ... but this then leads back to the fact that they might not be recognised in the first place ... oh the dilemma!

If anyone has any conclusions, they would gratefully received! x


  1. What a lovely spot you have for your shower Lily.

    I'm not too sure about the cards for marketing. It sounds good but I know I wouldn't want one discovered by my wife in my own wallet!

    Perhaps also it depends where you leave them. In the foyer of exclusive hotels perhaps? Though I think they would soon get wise to you. In the end they are similar to the cards in phone boxes which are seen as very down market so may not attract the clientèle you may seek.

    I think the blog is a good start - and it sounds as if your website is going to be good. However it is a very competetive market in London so you have to come over as different.

    Having a creative and imaginative mind as well as a beautiful body could be your selling point.

    There are also the message boards on the well known clients sites that some escorts use to become better known. However they can become very argumentative at times.

    Good luck with your new adventure.

    B xx

  2. Thank you Beau,

    I've thought about the business cards and I agree - it is just like cards in a phonebox and that is never a route I would like to go down.

    I think I have just been slightly stumped as to how to generate word of mouth with so many other people out there, but as you said, when my lovely website is up, and with my blog, I think I will be able to provoke peoples minds and bodies in my direction!

    Lily x