Saturday, 15 March 2008

Time Out ... To Explore

I would like to share with you some of the timid treats that, 'quelle surprise!' an incredibly coincidental issue of Time Out Magazine has provided us with this month ...

I first discovered their array of delights when I followed on a link on another webpage about how to lead a double life when you have your own secret hidden world. But I didn't finish the article as my sight was soon attracted to a far more interesting link at the side on double penetration - ooooh delights! we meet a first timer! We also have an introduction to 'splosh' (for those of you more versed in these types of shenanigans ... have you seen the Splosh Website recently?!) There's also a woman who tells of when she wanted to try out a fucking machine and many more people chronicling their fetishes and new experiences.

Just a little reminder that we should all try new things every once in a while, branch out of our comfort zones and test out our tastebuds!

I haven't read all of the articles, and a lot of them are really quite tame ... but there is the odd one that will surprise you ...

I will keep this post short and sweet, sometimes a good thing ;) -as I don't want to waste your precious exploration time, but allow me to share with you just one more thing ...

"SiFeet Pussy Foot is the ultimate fantasy sex toy for foot fetishists. This size 6, 100% silicone foot is cast in pure silicone from a real life actual, beautiful female foot. In the sole of this lovely foot is a fully functional and totally fuck-able silicone vagina."

- Enjoy!

Lily x
P.S.. I would be excited to hear comments or emails about some of my readers' sexy little explorations and any interesting sites to peruse would be most welcome!

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