Friday, 14 March 2008


As a newcomer to these parts, allow me to enlighten you a little about myself ...

I am 22, 5'9", 32B, size 8-10 (UK). I am the mixed race daughter of 2 entirely disparate cultures - tribal Africa and conservative Anglo-Saxon, thus my luscious locks are dark and curly, framing eyes of big bright blue. This in itself is a clue that I have managed to create a life for myself in which their contrasting elements tentatively balance and somehow fuse to allow two different worlds to gracefully co-exist. With my family I flitted from sea to sea and so have never lived anywhere for longer than 3 years. But on my travels through citadels as far and wide as Morocco, Jordan and India to Malaysia, Australia, Zambia and Botswana I have encountered an array of colourful characters without whose influences I would not be the person I am today.

Like I said, I have spent the most part of my life travelling.
I have been told I am a perpetual aesthete, though it is true that I take pleasure in all forms of beauty; words and water, fire and flowers.
I am a writer, I am a musician.
I am passionate about literature and poetry - be it avant garde french works, feminist writings, folklore, ancient myths, 19th century romanticism, medieval poetry, fairytales. John Donne, Carol Ann Duffy, Angela Carter, Marguerite Duras, Rumi, Marquis de Sade, Salmon Rushdie, William Dalrympole, Albert Camus, Chinua Achebe, Anon.
I love glancing at the stars as a solitary cloud floats across a dark night, and watching dragonflies land on my toes in yellow grass fields.
I love the textures of silk, lace, petals, creamy skin, goat hide, soft down, creases in lips, juicy earlobes, gleaming locks of soft dark hair, leaves under a bare foot, the smell of rain in the desert.

As a result of my constant voyaging (or perhaps due to the fact that to be monolinguistic would be inconceivable to my mother as she speaks 7 languages) I speak good French and a couple of other mostly-unheard-of-except-to-scholars african dialects. It also means that I am always open to new experiences. In fact I doubt I could survive in a stagnant environment ... I thrive on change and renewal, and start to get restless after spending a prolonged period of time in any one place or condition, but I have never known any other way of life and am content to float with the winds ...

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