Saturday, 22 March 2008

A Long Awaited Meeting

She stepped from the train, glancing calmly behind to see if you stood on the platform, she didn’t know where to expect you. As she walked towards the stairs she looked up while negotiating the steps in her stilettos – your favourites, high, black with gold trim and gilt metal doves on the sides – and saw you stood there, your old coat turned up against the expected chill, chocolate eyes turned towards her in anticipation. She waved a shy greeting and continued down, heart fluttering just at your presence.

‘You look beautiful’
‘Thank you,’
‘I should have made an effort - you’ve made feel scruffy now’
‘No, I like it when you don’t shave’

Never had she told you how she prefers the days when you show up to work with a dark shadow outlining your sharp jaw line, contrasting with your smooth latte skin and transforming your laughing eyes into deep pools of intensity. Then with a second glance she realises you meant the simple white t-shirt and cargos you’ve thrown on, an escape from the usual.


Hours later, sitting on the bed behind her as she leans over the table to retrieve your headphones, you reach forward and lift the hem of her dress, gazing at the creamy round buttocks presented pertly before you as she slowly straightens up and turns around to smile coyly at your cheekiness. She sits again at the keyboard and plays out a few phrases. Just as she starts to ask what you think, you are behind her, your hand slipping into the top of her dress, flicking her nipple as you reach to massage her ready breast.

‘So now you’re getting horny’, leaning back she turns and looks up at you.
‘I’ve been turned on since I saw you step of that train’ you reply, moving your hand across to enjoy the other side, reaching closer, your breath warm and sweet against her bare neck.

You lead her up out of the soft leather and towards you where you stand in the centre of the room. Facing each other the air is still and fragile in anticipation of this long awaited moment – her timidity makes her wait for you to give her the permission for that which she has waited months for … at your gentle smile and almost imperceptible nod, she lifts her dress over her head to reveal the slim, toned body you have traced beneath her clothes at work; the smooth tanned skin you have stroked in stolen moments when you passed each other at the bar; the small but full breasts and large dark nipples you have so often imagined from her beautiful silhouette. Calmly you bring her towards you; hooking a finger into her black scallop-edged thong you pull it gently down and toss it onto the floor when she steps out. You drop to your knees and delicately peel off her nude stockings, caressing her calves as you do so. Straightening up, you take her hand, falling slowly onto the bed with her small frame enveloped in your strong embrace. You kiss her for the first time, tongue gentle against her giving lips, but it is not enough and you move your mouth down to her neck, her shoulder, her chest before taking a hard nipple in your teeth, savouring every mouthful of her musky taste you lick, bite, suck her supple skin as your bodies entwine, each aching for immediate satisfaction of your lusting senses.

Finally you flip her over, pulling her ass upwards and back into you, your cock ready, you spread her cheeks and exhale in awe, your every dream embodied here in this moment as you gaze down at her glistening, expectant cunt.

'Beautiful, such a pretty little pussy, ... ' you muse, stroking it gently, you grab her hips and ease yourself into her, savouring each second of sensation, amazed that you are finally here, at last inside her sweet body, she moans in tune to your reverie. Your hands pull her back again and again, thrusting in and in, slowly at first as she gets used to you, then more aggressively.

‘Arch your back baby, arch it for me’

She raises her buttocks, arching her back into those primal contours you love so much.

‘That’s it, there, hold it there, ohh’.

You grasp her neck in your strong grip and turn her face to look into yours, she moans with pleasure, her mouth parted slightly with each breath, a wry smile playing across her lips as she enjoys taking in your expressive eyes. You hold her there, intent that she should see what you are doing to her, but her head slips out from between your hands, she tries to hold the position, tries to please you, turns to look as far around as she can without your help.

‘Look at your shadow, look at that, look at the sensuous shape you’re throwing into the shadow, look at me in you, baby, look at that, that's your silhouette, you are doing that, don’t you like how you look baby?’

She bites her lip and smiles in agreement, silently pleased that she finally succumbed to the incessant pressure you placed on her, pressure to let you taste her charms, to indulge your ache for her delightfully pure body.

Now she spasms, small sharp intakes of breath, her hips pulling away from you in jagged movements then resting back against you briefly before jerking away from you again, repeatedly.

‘Please tell me that was lots of little ones …’ you murmur.
‘Mmmm …’ she purrs, lifting herself up to lean her back against you, reaching across to stroke your cheek whilst she nibbles the opposite earlobe and kisses the skin on the side of your neck. You stroke her thighs, her waist, her breasts, taking in as much of her as you can with just two hands, stroking, caressing, your fingers dancing over her curves.

'Good girl' you soothe, warm breath and lips brushing against her temple, before slowly lowering her body, arranging her limbs how you want them below your admiring stare.

You continue, pausing and pulling out every now and then to admire her dripping wet pussy, angled so finely for you to gaze at. You calmly massage and separate her buttocks, pushing them apart to open up her ass and her glistening slit. You cannot resist licking her juices. She squirms, pushing backwards, yearning for you to enter her again, and you concede, thrusting harder this time you grab her hair with one hand and pull her head back roughly towards you, slapping her taut muscles firmly with the other palm – she gasps with delight, you hit more sharply, this time resting your hand there to massage her butt cheek, now gripping it, stretching it outwards to watch yourself moving inside her sweet form.

‘You’re doing so good baby, taking it like a soldier, oh, my little soldier girl …’ you tell her as you push her head sharply down into the mattress, causing her pert backside to rise in that refined shape.

She pushes herself up again, onto her elbows, hands out in front, crouched there like a languid little sphinx for you and you alone.

You don’t like it when she doesn’t stay put; ‘Show me how I like it’

She moves her legs to position herself.

‘Is that how I like it?’

At your commanding tone she raises her ass, lowers her shoulders slightly and arches her back, struggling to find the position you are expecting. You laugh, a low, self-indulgent chuckle that makes her feel clumsy and inept as you manipulate her, pulling her hips up higher and her legs closer together. You hold her into you as you pause for a moment, eyeing her hot skin, flushed with exertion and arousal. Oh, she is doing so well. Pushing down firmly on the small of her back you move with a renewed force, faster, almost violent, ravaging her tiny frame, determined to keep her like this until you empty yourself at last into her cunt. Her breathing becomes uneven, she begins to take loud, shallow breaths as a guttural, animalistic moan rises up in her throat and she grinds back onto you, reaching out to take as much of you in as she can, shuddering as the convulsions ripple through up through her body.

Smug, you groan at the release you finally permit yourself now that she has sated her own appetite. Digging your nails into her flawless skin in your elation you draw five tiny spots of rich crimson blood, marking her as your own.

To Be Continued .....


  1. How delightful to be marked ...

    as his own!

    B xx

  2. Indeed.

    I still have the impressions in my skin; a beautiful crescent of 4 little white blemishes below the tiny, curved cut of a thumb nail ... mmm

    x x x